About GWA


Aquascaping is evolving, as it has always been since the beginning. It began merely as an underwater garden in the form of Dutch Tanks or Community Tanks. It then evolved into Nature Aquariums, a revolutionary concept, conceived by late Mr Takashi Amano. The latest trend in aquascaping is Paludariums, which incorporates nature in its totality into it, featuring both aquatic life and terrestrial life in a single place.

Green Water Aquascapes provides all expertise required to bring this beautiful vision of our customers into a beautiful reality. Green Water Aquascapes is committed to providing good quality hydroponically grown aquarium plants from our greenhouses. For more serious enthusiasts we provide tissue cultured plants as well.

Growers adopt different propagation methods to grow aquarium plants for sales.

Underwater Culture: The plants are grown in submerged conditions (underwater conditions) in troughs or concrete tanks. This is a very common type of cultivation as submerged growth brings about beautiful colour development of leaves. However, we cannot have precise control over nutrient application and generally plants are less healthy and may be exposed to several pests like snails.

Emersed Culture or Above Water Culture: We at Green Water Aquascapes use the more modern Hydroponic Technology which grows plants hydroponically in climate controlled greenhouses, ensuring that the plants grow in its prime health, by precise application of nutrients in the circulating medium. TDS, PH and alkalinity are regularly monitored to keep all these parameters in ranges optimum for plant growth.

Emersed grown plants, though, won’t display vibrant leaf colourations, but they will be in prime health. These plants are also less exposed to pests and disease conditions as they are grown in an enclosed environment. Moreover, these plants can establish themselves very well in aquariums and can survive in newly set up aquariums.

Emergent growth and submerged growth exhibit different leaf characteristics with respect to leaf size, shape and colour.

Tissue Culture: Tissue cultured aquarium plants are very popular among serious hobbyists as they are totally free of pests, disease and algae. Moreover, the moisture level in the cup is high, the plants exhibit more or less similar leaf characteristics of underwater grown plants, giving them the best of both worlds. These plants are already proven for their faster adaptability to new tanks which is the prime reason why seasoned hobbyists prefer the tissue cultured plants.

Hybrid Pots

Hybrid pots, a GWA speciality product, provide pots with clumps of 3-4 plants. Each pot accomodates 5-6 clumps depending on plant varieties. <Normal green house pots with 8 to 10 individual rooted cuttings for stem plants or single rooted plant per pot being sold in the trade. >

GWA hybrid pots provide stems in clumps or plants in bunches with a healthy root system. This is a very special feature for tissue cultured aquarium plants and we have achieved the same attribute for green house plants by incorporating our own secret formula.

These plants in bunches/ clumps display the characteristics of tissue cultured plants, but grown in green house; reminiscent of the modern hybrid technology being applied in different segments of industry to make the product more cost effective and efficient.

Moreover, plants growing in bunches /clumps in aquarium are more attractive than the ones growing singly and the scapes with plants from hybrid pots will be a treat to the eyes of a connoisseur of underwaterscapes.