Micranthemum Micranthimoids ‘Monte Carlo’ [Tc


Micranthemum tweediei ‘Monte Carlo’ originates from Argentina. It has compact, round and fresh light green leaves on creeping stalks and creates a fast-growing carpet in the front of the aquarium.The plant can grow in light shadow, but requires good light conditions, as well as CO2 additive, in order to develop optimally and become really compact.

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Micarnthemum tweediei (Micranthemum sp ‘Monte Carlo’)

Currently this species of Micranthemum enjoys worldwide appreciation and there is a huge demand in aquarium trade.  This plant is originally collected from Argentina.  Leaves are round with light green in colour and arranged opposite on the stem. A very graceful creeping plant and flexible because of its moderate easiness. It will form dense carpet in nutrient rich environment. It can survive in less bright conditions too. CO2 addition is mandatory. Thinning the densely grown ones will help the plant to maintain its normal growth, otherwise the creeping stems underneeth will start decay and can cause the whole mat uprooting.

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