Staurogyne Sp. Brown

Staurogyne Sp. Brown



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Genus: Staurogyne                                                                                          Family:  Acanthaceae


Staurogyne is a genus of family Acanthaceae.  Staurogyne repens is the plant from this genus being introduced in to the hobby for the first time. S. sp ‘Port Velho’ is another aquatic plant but not so popular as S. repens. S. sp ‘Brown’ and Staurogyne sp ‘Bihar’ from India are recent additions in to the hobby


Staurogyne sp ‘Brown’

This plant has green round leaves when grown above water and turn brownish green to cognac colour in submerged conditions. A very good choice for midground settings. Many hobbyists claim that this one can be set in foreground as it can remain short in bright conditions.