Echinodorus amazonicus


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Genus: Echinodorus                                                                                      Family: Alismataceae                                            

The plants from this genus are generally called sword plants or burhead, majority distributed in South America and a few in Northern counterpart. Majority of the species from Amazon basin, hence they are popularly called Amazon sword plants. Echinodorus means horned skin, a reference to beaked fruits of the plants. E. sp ‘Bleherae’ once had dominated in the aquarium trade due to its easiness in maintaining any aquarium tank. However, when late Takashi Amano floated the idea of Nature Aquariums through his masterpieces in early 2000 AD, hobbyists from across the world started using plants from other genera to create Nature Aquariums which more or less mimic the nature. Many species of this genus are bigger in size and not suitable for small tanks intended for Nature AquariumsEchinodorus tennelus still popular as it can be used for carpet formation in the foreground settings in nano tanks.

Echinodorus amazonicus

An Amazon sword, one of the bigger sword plants available in the trade. The leaves are cordate (heart shaped) and can grow 40-60 cm tall or more. This plant is not recommended for planted aquarium, as the leaves soon grow out of water, but can beautify the paludariums by placing at the right position. Rather easy to maintain and can tolerate hard water. This species needs nutrient rich bottom to sustain its growth.

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