Limnophila aromatica


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Genus: Limnophila                                                                     Family : Plantaginaceae


The species of this genus are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and South Pacific Islands. They are generally called marsh weed. L. hetrophilla, L. sessiliflora and L. aromatica are quite well known to aquarists. L. rugosa from India rather latest addition in the trade and is also becoming popular.


Limnophila aromatica

  1. aromatica originates in South East Asia and later it is naturalised in many parts of the world. L. aromatica can be seen in abundance in flooded rice fields in Cambodia and later it is introduced in America by Cambodians when they migrated to America. They use this herb for culinary purpose for preparing herbal soup. Very intense pink colour of leaves especially at the top portion of the stem under bright conditions in aquarium make this plant very popular among hobbyists and being used in community tanks often to produce rich colour contrasts

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