Ludwigia arcuata [Tc]


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Genus: Ludwigia                                                                          Family: Onagraceae

Ludwigia from Onagraceae, commonly called water prime rose, is a genus of about 82 aquatic species which is almost cosmopolitan in distribution. L. arcuata, L. berivpes. L. glandulosa, L. palustris, L. repens are quite popular in aquarium trade.

Ludwigia arcuata

Otherwise called needle leaf plants which can cause lots of confusions among the hobbyists as displaying very different leaf characteristics in different growing conditions. When grow as emers (above water) the leaves are dark green in colour and more or less oval in shape with pointed tips. As submerged, the leaves are narrowly lanceolate ( long needle-like) and achieve  greenish brown to pink colour  depending on light conditions. A midground to background plant depending on the other plants being chosen in the aquarium. Nutrient rich substrate with more iron and good CO2 injection can promote leaf colour development. A very delicate plant which can melt easily when water parameters are not stable.

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