Proserpinaca Palustris [Tc]


Genus: Proserpinaca
Family: Halograceae

? Commonly called mermaid weed from watermilfoil family Halograceae to which another genus belongs, the very popular Myriophyllum. The genus Proserpinaca,? is a small one comprising only 2 or 3 species which are ?native to eastern North America and West Indies.? This genus can be easily distinguished from Myriophyllum by having only 3 stamens and 3 carpels per flower while? ?the latter having 4 or 8

Proserpinaca palustris

A very beautiful plant which can adapt to terrestrial as well as underwater life. The leaves of emergent ones are elliptical, green and with serrated margins. When grow underwater, the leaf colour will become yellowish brown to pink and the leaf margin develops appendage like extensions. This unique shape of the leaves is really stunning and make this plant a popular choice to any hobbyist. This plant is not so demanding and even a novice can try it. However, nutrient addition and CO2 injection are necessary to maintain its vigour. Midground setting is often preferred.

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