Ludwigia glandulosa

Ludwigia glandulosa



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Genus:  Ludwigia                                                        Family: Onagraceae         

Belongs to the category of difficult aquarium plants. It’s require ample CO₂ and soak up any phosphate and nitrates readily. Without the presence of even just trace amounts of the latter two, this plant will have a tough time growing. Ample light is also needed, else the plant may die. You can easily tell whether Ludwigia glandulosa is getting enough light by looking at its leaves – their characteristic vibrant red color will turn green without enough light. When provided with ample amounts of lights and nutrients, Ludwigia glandulosa may grow quickly. Ideal temperature recommend is below 25’C.

Ludwigia glandulosa is typically a very slow grower in natural areas as such is not classified as an invasive species anywhere. Nonetheless, if you live outside of this plant’s native range, make absolutely certain that you do not plant it in naturally occurring wetlands, ponds, streams, and the like. Keep it only in your personal aquarium or pond, to prevent any damage or disruption to natural ecosystems.