Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Mini’


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Genus: Hydrocotyle                                   Family: Araliaceae

Hydrocotyle verities are commonly called water pennywort, marsh pennywort, dollor weed,etc which are perennial and can be aquatic and semiaquatic. They grow prostrate and the creeping stems form dense mat and thrive in and near ponds, rivers and marshy regions. H. tripartita, H. sibithripoids, and H. verticillata are popular aquarium plants



Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Mini’

Popularly known as Hydrocotyle sp ‘Japan’ in aquarium trade and is a variant from Hydrocotyle tripartita from South East Asia. This variant has miniature leaves and can form dense carpet by developing creeping stems. Horizontal growth in the form of carpet can be aided by strong light and copious amount of CO2. Even beginners can try this plant, as it is relatively hard and can tolerate relatively higher water hardness

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