Micranthemum Callitrichoides ‘Cuba’


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Genus: Micranthemum                                                                Family: Scrophulariaceae

The generic name of this plant species creating lots of confusions among hobbyists because sometimes ago the synonym Hemianthes was often used in the place of original name Micrathemum. Now Micranthemum is the accepted generic name and replacing Hemianthes which is now considered as synonym . The revision this genus put all popular species under the genus Micrathemum and they are now known as M. callitrichoids ‘Cuba’, M. micranthemoides and M. umbrosum.  One species, Micranthemum sp ‘Monte Carlo’ enjoys great demand in the planted aquarium hobby, now scientifically accepted as Micranthemum tweediei, thanks to Christal Kasselmann for her contribution in clearing the misunderstanding


Micranthemum callitrichoides ‘Cuba’

One of the smallest flowering plants in the aquarium hobby in foreground settings. A very beautiful carpet forming plant under optimum light and fertilization. CO2 injection is very much needed for its prostrate growth in the form of carpet. The creeping stem bears minute oppositely arranged leaves which are few millimetres wide and long. These leaves accumulate oxygen pearls underneath which brings about the detachment of plants from the substrate due to the buoyancy. So trimming is often performed to avoid this issue.

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