Hygrophilla pinnatifida [Tc]


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                                                                         Family : Acanthaceae

Hygrophila Pinnatifida has quickly become one of the most popular plants in aquascaping due to its unique leaf shape and vibrant coloration. Like ferns and anubias species Hygrophila pinnatifida easily sticks to stones and snags with its roots, which is actually not common at all for long-stalked tank plants. Besides, new shoots of this plant eagerly trail over the substrate and each their internode strikes roots in it like a ground-covering tank plant. Then each rooted verticil shoots an upright stem which then can also incline to towards the tank bottom.

Water Parameters

When taking care of it, you should consider a temperature of 64 to 82 °F (18 to 28 °C). The pH level should be from 6 to 7.5, and an interval of 2-12 dKH.

Lighting, CO2, and Fertilization

Hygrophila Pinnatifida will do fine under moderate light, however, intensive lighting will help for compact growth. However, the plant size will become smaller if you overexposure it to light. It is recommended to have good nutrients and a CO2 system for Hygrophila Pinnatifida to thrive m. Therefore, the potassium level should not fall to the bottom, a low level is acceptable to avoid the pinholes in the older leaves.

Care difficulty : Medium

Family name    : Acanthaceae

Lighting            : Medium to high

pH                      :  6-7.5

Requirements    : Supplemental CO2 and good nutrition

Temperature     : 64 to 82 °F (18 to 28 °C)

Growth rate      : Medium

CO2                   : Recommended

Propagation      : Cut stem, new growth, or lateral shoots

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