Hygrophilla angustifolia


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Genus: Hygrophila                                                                  Family: Acanthaceae


The genus Hygrophila is widely distributed across tropical and subtropical world. Many species of this genus are aquatic ones.  H. corymbosa (temple weed), H. difformis (water wisteria), H. polysperma (Indian swamp weed) etc. are popular aquarium plants. H. pinnatifida from India is an iconic plant as it can grow on any surface such as rock and wood in aquarium. Some species exhibit leaf heteromorphy. H. difformis has leaves which are simple and entire when they grow as emers (above water) and are highly divided or dissected (pinnately compound) in submerged conditions.


Hygrophila anguistifolia

Also known as Willow Hygro with attractively long, narrow and curved leaves sway in water currents. The leaves are green on upper side and silvery white on underside. This plant can adapt to a wide range of water conditions, provided nutrient rich bottom and bright light with CO2 fertilization.

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