Limnophila Rugosa

Limnophila Rugosa



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Genus: Limnophila                                                                     Family : Plantaginaceae


The species of this genus are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and South Pacific Islands. They are generally called marsh weed. L. hetrophilla, L. sessiliflora and L. aromatica are quite well known to aquarists. L. rugosa from India rather latest addition in the trade and is also becoming popular.

Limnophila rugosa

          This plant is a native of India and is popular by its common name wrinkled marsh weed. It can grow up to 50 cm tall, mostly single stemmed with fragrance. Leaves are oval shaped with prominent lateral veins (penninerved), A back ground plant with attractive parrot green leaves under brightly lit conditions. Nutrient rich substrate can promote healthy growth. Removing the shoot apex can promote side shoots. The characteristic colour and deeply cushioned lateral veins arising from midrib of leaves can provide rich contrast in the community tanks.