Rotala nanjenshan [Tc]


Rotala sp ?Nanjeshan?

A native of Taiwan, but endemic to an island in Taiwan, Nanjean or Najean. This plant is believed to be a natural hybrid between R. rotundifoila and R. wallichi.? The emergent leaves are green in colour and narrower. Even though it looks like R. wallichi at first glance, in close scrutin , it can be realized that the leaves are much boarder than that of R. wallichi. The submerged leaves turn yellowish green with a pink hue under bright light. Under submerged conditions, the leaves are narrowly lanceolate. The leaves of R. wallichi will be needle shaped and dark pink when the plant adapts to submerged conditions.

A good choice for midground position in aquarium. Good light, nutrient rich substrate and CO2 injection can promote bushy growth. An easy plant it is.

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