Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’ [Tc]


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Genus: Roatla                                                                                 Family: Lytheraceae      


Rotala from Asia is a genus comprising many species well known to aquarists across the world. R. macrandra, R. rotundifolia and its variants, R, nanjenshan, R. wallichi are very popular aquarium plants. Emergent and submerged leaves display very different characteristics. Submerged leaves are strikingly beautiful with respect to colour, and its presence being appreciated equally in both, Nature and Dutch aquariums.

Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’

This variant of R. rotundifolia remain green with respect to leaf colour in aquarium irrespective of the light conditions. The leaves are round when growing above water, but turn narrow and pointed in submerged conditions. A good candidate in midground settings because of its “weeping or hanging” tendency (elongating shoots move downwards). This unique growth habit of R. rotundifolia ‘Green’ is really attractive and can grow downwards along rocks and wood.

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