Rotala rotundifolia ‘Hi Red’ (‘H’ra’)


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Rotala rotundifolia  ‘H’ra’ (Rotalal rotundifolia ‘Gia Lai’)

  1. rotundifolia ‘H’ra’ is a variant found in a province in Vietnam. This plant is very popular in planted aquarium hobby because of its strikingly deep pink coloured narrow pointed leaves when grown in submerged conditions. The growth habit is almost comparable with R. rotundifolia ‘Green’, as it can grow downwards after reaching certain height under bright conditions. Limiting NITROGEN in the water column can intensify the pink colouration of leaves. However, good fertilization with CO2 addition can make plant produce pink coloured leaves continuously, provided addition of fertilizer capsules containing NITRATE in substrate. This plant can survive in limited CO2 environment, but luxuriant growth can be achieved only in optimum conditions.

In the trade, Rotala rotundifolia ‘Hi Red’ is also sold as another variant of R. rotundifolia. Most probably this variant is nothing but R. rotundifolia ‘H’ra’.

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