Taxiphyllum sp. “Spiky Moss” [Tc]


‘Spiky Moss’ is Asiatic and grows 2-10 cm tall. Best described as Christmas moss’ big brother, it is bigger and forms many deep green, branched shoots.
Spiky moss does best on vertical surfaces where the branched shoots will show. A beautiful carpeting effect is possible if you plant small tufts into the bottom substrate with a small interspace.
It grows fast and thrives at a very low light intensity.


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“Spiky moss” is a strong Taxiphyllum species that is not yet determined to species. Under good lighting it forms densely ramified deep green shoots resembling fir branches. It is a relatively fast grower for a moss.

Taxiphyllum sp. “Peacock” is one of the aquarium mosses that thrive not only under water but also emersed on wet substrate.

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