Utricularia graminifolia [Tc]


Utricularia graminifolia from Asia belongs to the bladderwort family. All the plants in this family are insect eating, perennial water and marsh plants. In the nature, the plant lives in nutrient-poor places, hence the need to catch small insects and digest them.

Bladder traps are a unique feature of this family, which Utricularia graminifolia forms after a short period in the aquarium.
The species name means ‘with grass like leaves’ and the fresh green leaves will after some time form a pretty mat which looks like a lawn (2-8 cm tall).

Utricularia graminifolia is therefore an ideal foreground plant, although it is rather demanding.

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Utricularia graminifolia is a grass-like bladderwort species from the Asian tropics that grows into a lush bright light green lawn. It is thus quite popular in aquascaping, too. It is not always easy to cultivate, but under favourable conditions (lots of light, soft water, CO2, macro- and micronutrient fertilisation) it is a fast grower.

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